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Her Story

Ms. Ashley S. Hale, a 37year old native of Charleston, SC, is not a novice to the Performing Arts. Her superior talent had landed her on stages domestically and internationally. Ashley's passion for performing exudes when she takes the stage and shows effectively by captivating audiences everywhere. 


Ms. Hale has been in stage plays since the age of 13, starring in her first play, "Daddy's Little Girl" directed by David Mitchell. She is credited to perform in "Romello" and "Bubbling Brown Sugar", both directed by Art Gilliard. She has been featured with lead roles is "Life I & II" both directed by Hortense Mitchell, “What Holds us together” directed by Dennis King. 


Ms. Hale is also accredited for singing BGV’s for many national and local artists across the world. She is a songwriter, she has co-written and directed the stage play “Illusion”! Ashley has no problem allowing her creative mind to flow when it comes to the arts.


Ashley's vocal power began at the age of 5, being reared in the church. Her strong voice has allowed her to stand flat footed on stages National and internationally by performing in many parts of Italy, Germany, Spain, Paris etc.


Ashley Hale has a gift and is ready and willing to share it on the stage. Her powerful vocals and acting is incomparable. She devoted years to service by being active in the arts arena. 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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